Our new phone number is (360) 701-2095 or texts work too with any questions you may have. 
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          At NW CHILDBIRTH, we understand the many questions and concerns you may have as your baby's delivery date approaches. Our reputation as a high-quality, family education organization is built on solid educational, medical, and nursing expertise.
         All of our NW CHILDBIRTH childbirth instructors are Certified Lamaze Instructors along with many years of Labor and Delivery experience.  Lamaze is the gold standard in childbirth education certification. The Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) credential is the most respected and recognized childbirth educator certification; it is the mark of a competent, highly qualified childbirth educator.
          Since the Fall of 2001, over eighteen thousand expectant parents and their families have attended classes with NW Childbirth. As we continue our commitment to teaching this ensures that our patients and their families are well informed about their health and health care options. That's why we offer a complete series of childbirth education and parenting classes designed to help you prepare for - and achieve - a memorable birth experience and beyond!

Our Providence St Peter Hospital Classes:

Unfortunately, we no longer offer a weekday childbirth class series.
 NW Childbirth is a non-profit organization